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UK Pink Full Set

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Introducing our Pink Full Set of key chain accessories, designed with women's safety in mind. This set includes various tools and accessories to help keep women safe and empowered. The set features a personal alarm and a self-defense keychain that can be easily accessed in case of an emergency. In addition, the set also includes key chain accessories such as a hand sanitizer and hand-made straps for added convenience. 

Extra: Customisable letter - £2.99

Cat Ears Keyring - £4.99

Pink star sign Resin - £1.99



Items Included: 

- Keychain straps - handmade

- PomPom - faux fur 

- Long Window breakers 

- Short spring window breakers + selt belt cutter 

- Personal Alram - with light 

- Door opener + bottle opener -  soft touch point for touch screens - great for when your wearing gloves. 

- Whistles 

- Hand Sanitizes - filled with 99.9% Alcholol gel 

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