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This brand is the vision of two friends Hildegard and Tamara. The company was founded in 2021 with the vision of empowering women to feel safe after finding very few companies that sold UK legal items.


The focal point of our keychains is safety. As women we are tired of constantly looking back when walking at night, clenching our keys within our fists or seeking other forms of protection. We have provided something that is comfortable for us to walk around with and something easy to reach in our bags.


Each item on the keychain protects you; whether it's from being attacked, being trapped in a car or needing to raise an alarm. As well as keeping you safe we have designed our keychains in a number different styles fit for everyones taste, we are confident you will love their aesthetic.


Every individual item serves a different purpose and can be purchased individually. Being a woman who drives I thought I would be safe in a locked car but on countless occasions this has not been the case. I have been followed, approached and unable to drive away, having these items to hand in the car has empowered me and made me feel much safer. I keep the long window breaker in the driver’s side door as means of protection and deterring any unwanted attention should I need it.  

About us

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